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Eye eye

Domestic Violence? No Problem!

I was going to edit this but I have asked and am going to just copy and paste this from a friend's myspace blog...I am appalled:

"Dicking around with my shortwave radio earlier I was listening to some evangelical phone-in programme from the US. Someone called in....

Pastor: Ok, let's have the next caller

Caller: Hi Pastor, my sister called you about 6 months ago about some of your tracts she was handing out at her church, and how her husband didn't approve?

P: OK, and what can I do for you today?

C: Well, you said she should hand out the tracts and then let her husband discipline her later.


C: Well, he disciplined her pretty hard. Gave her a couple of breaks and stuff. My question to you is, does she have to to go back to him after what's happened?

P: (long pause) Well, uh, one thing I should say is... this abuse.... uh... don't think of it as justification for a divorce, God tells us how no matter what, divorce should never even be thought of as an option, so please please, don't even think about that.. Now, maybe your sister might be able to find some counselling that would help, and perhaps even be estranged from her husband for a while until things calm down a little; but never... never... consider divorce. Thank you for calling today, let's have our next caller

You heard it here first folks... causing actual bodily harm to your spouse is just fine with the almighty... just don't get a divorce, because you'll go to hell.

The radio station? Family Radio... I shit you not."

What gets me is that counselling was suggested for her NOT him!