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Dec. 17th, 2015

Eye eye

Yacob is a little angel...

Just saw this and did an awww ;)


Dec. 14th, 2015


Getting old!

I bought a slow cooker a few days ago.  I was getting decidely disenchanted with working long hours and then having to come home to start cooking...okay, I got some help but it was still down to me to do most of it.  So last night I chopped loads of veggies into chunks and threw them in the pot, added chopped up chicken and chicken stock, switched it on and went to bed.  I came down this morning to the most deliciou smell and when I got back from work there were spuds and veggies ready to cook and shortly afterwards a meal that was really yummy....I should have bought a slow cooker years ago.......and I can't believe that I am going to put this on LiveJournal!

Aug. 16th, 2014

baggie bird

West Bromwich Albion...

Here we are again at the start of a new football season.  Baggie Dad is reading the programme from today’s match which is due to kick off in 30 minutes.  Each birthday for 4 seasons I have bought him a subscription to West Brom’s football programmes which he reads from cover to cover.  So now it is interview time to discover Baggie Dad’s views for the season ahead.

Q1 - What do you think of the closed season’s appointment of Alan Irvine as the new West Brom man Head Coach?
BD: “I think it’s a good appointment; he has all the experience necessary.”

Q2 - What are your views on the players which have left since the end of last season.
BD:  “The players who have gone had to go.  I am disappointed with Billy Jones attitude.”  Billy said that Albion had not seen the best of him.  One has to question, why not!?

Q3 - Do you have an opinion on the new players who have arrived?
BD:  “I have very big hopes for our record signing, Brown Ideye.  Joleon Lescott, I am neutral about him, he could well be a good signing.  I think Craig Gardner is a good signing also, Chris Baird, well I hope so.”

Q4 - Your views on the controversial new kit for the season (the stripes are hardly noticeable)?
BD:  “I’m like all Albion fans, I’m not happy about it.  I think Jeremy Peace knows how we feel as he has mentioned it in his message in the programme”

Q5 - What is your overall view of the season ahead?
BD:  “I think we’ll struggle but not as much as least season.  I think there will be another marquee signing yet”  Which position? “Striker or winger.”

Q6 - Give me a prediction for today’s game which is now due to kick off in 12 minutes?
BD:  “I think Sunderland will win - I don’t like it but I that’s what I think.”  A score?  “2-1”

So there we have it.  My final words are BOING BOING!

Aug. 4th, 2014

baggie bird

Oh I forgot to mention......

That I haven't commented about West Bromwich Albion's new home kit.....If I said what I would like to say then LiveJournal would probably ban me forever.  The words 'tradition' 'history' 'blue and white stripes' 'super stripes' etc. etc. spring to mind.  Also, what the hell is Jeremy Peace thinking of?  Do we now play American baseball??  I will never forgive him and as for parting with £44.99, ha (sardonic laugh), they would normally have sold at least 3 in our family, possibly 4 but they will not get a penny of us this season.
baggie bird

12 Days of Chr.....August!

I moved out of my office at work last Thursday and as yet I do not have a permanent office so I am working from home or going to visit my satellite offices around the County.  The reason I mention this is because I had to take down my 2014/15 fixture list and I have just taped it inside the front cover of my work notebook.

I do have mixed feelings for the Albion this season.  On Saturday they played their final away friendly to Nottingham Forest - only a short journey from my home but I have no time for friendlies - I like the blood and guts of competition!  Alan Irvine gave a typical bland interview with comments like 'Injuries and absent players are stretching us...' 'Boss disappointed to lose 100 per cent record...'.  I realise that he was being honest but have that sinking feeling that he has as much charisma as Mr Clarke had!  I normally take quite a while to take to a new player or manager (yes I still call them managers) but when Pepe Mel arrived it was an instant like on my part - he was full of passion and desire - what a shame that didn't work out.

Still, I can't help it, I love football and more so love the Baggies and I can hardly wait till August 16th.


Dec. 14th, 2013

baggie bird

And so it goes...

Steve Clarke has been sacked...
I had voiced it before but now that it's been announced I am a tad surprised...wonder who will be next, views keresaspa ?

Nov. 10th, 2013

baggie bird

We Know What We Are...

I have watched MOTD and I think the decision the referee made was appalling, it cost the Albion points and during their protests 3 bookings. Steve Clarke's post match interview showed a lot of restraint and dignity, Mourinho's was a joke! I am so proud of Steve Clarke and the Baggies.

Oct. 13th, 2013

Knight in shining armour

Up All Night...

I was listening to the radio the other night when I had woken and couldn't get back to sleep.  There is a programme fittingly called Up All Night and they broadcast an interview with Seamus Heaney.  I have always admired him and his style of poetry but to actually hear him read brought them to life for me.  The one below is now my favourite...


I can feel the tug
Of the halter at the nape
Of her neck, the wind
On her naked front.
It blows her nipples
To amber beads,
It shakes the frail rigging
Of her ribs.
I can see her drowned
Body in the bog,
The weighing stone,
The floating rods and boughs.
Under which at first
She was a barked sapling
That is dug up
Oak-bone, brain-firkin:
Her shaved head
Like a stubble of black corn,
Her blindfold a soiled bandage,
Her noose a ring
To store
The memories of love
Little adulteress,
Before they punished you
You were flaxen-haired,
Undernourished, and your
Tar-black face was beautiful.
My poor scapegoat,
I almost love you
But would have cast, I know,
The stones of silence.
I am the artful voyeur
Of your brain's exposed
And darkened combs,
Your muscles' webbing
And all your numbered bones:
I who have stood dumb
When your betraying sisters,
Cauled in tar,
Wept by the railings,
Who would connive
In civilized outrage
Yet understand the exact
And tribal, intimate revenge.

Seamus Heaney

Sep. 30th, 2013

baggie bird

I saw this...

"Alas and alack for abstract_ellie is but a fleeting visitor round these part nowadays and, as the only other Baggie to frequent this area, her absence is the main reason for my lack of discussion on West Bromwich Albion's travails these days. But sod that because I simply can't ignore today's result - Manchester United 1 West Bromwich Albion 2." - keresaspa

and replied with...

Don't let my absence stop you from your Baggie comments as even if I don't write a lot, I still pop on to see what you think about the latest game. I was delighted and so proud of the Baggies this weekend. I loved Steve Clarke's comment at the end when he looked at the camera and said that this should not be about how United have played poorly but about how well the Albion have played - good on him, I say. There is often a very disillusioned Baggie Dad complaining about how commentators never see the good in Albion so it was refreshing to hear.
Berahino is well...what can I say, a revelation! He is only on about 850 quid a week - you watch that change before the Arsenal and Everton vultures show more interest! We have had a good spate of
Ellie: Albion youths but they have gone to "bigger" clubs before we could see them bloom so I really want to hang on to Berahino.
But I have to say that my new hero is Amalfitano - what a superb player, he has poise, he is clever, he is a gem of a find.
Exciting times for the Baggies and also it was good to see Bomber Brown who I have heard about so many times growing up in this household.

Strange really as that was my reply to keresaspa and yet he will probably be the only person who reads it!!

Sep. 2nd, 2013


I have just heard......

....that Odemwingie is off to Cardiff on a £2.5m deal.  I am so happy :D

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